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Kids love us. Parents trust us. Dentists rely on our expertise.

With more than 11,900 happy patients who come to us for professional and high-quality dentistry - well above that of other providers - we are committed to creating a gentle, fun & positive dental experience.

We partner with our patients & their families to achieve cavity-free and fear-free kids who really do love going to the dentist!

We help guide our patients to a lifetime of excellent oral health.

By nurturing a positive patient-dentist rapport we can ensure a Trust over Fear relationship that lasts your child a lifetime.

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Advantages of multi disciplinary approach

Happy Kids Dental Founders

A word from our founders

Our Founders: Dr. Yevhen Hunyak & Dr. Roksolana Mykhalus

We are a brother-and-sister team of second-generation dentists. Our parents are doctors and, thanks to their active preventive measures, we never experienced toothache during our childhood, never had any root canal treatments, and have never needed a filling, a crown or an implant placed. We had the best start in life, and want to give our own children the same, fear-free experience of dentistry.

We both chose our career in dentistry because, quite simply, it is our passion - and we want to share it. We came up with the idea of creating a dental practice that would specialise in children’s dentistry back in 2015. Having both started our own families, it was our children who prompted us to look into creating a family dentist that puts as much focus on children, and their specific needs, as on adults.

Yevhen’s daughter had a bad experience with her visit to a dentist in London and, having lived in the US, we were surprised to find out how difficult it is to find an established private dentist that can provide specialist paediatric care, thereby treating the whole family in a truly comprehensive way. Compared to the world-leading services available in the USA, we saw clear room for improvement here in the UK - and that’s how Happy Kids Dental came into being.

A little bit about the team….

Our team at Happy Kids Dental offers an enhanced level of children’s dental care in London. We are experienced working with special educational needs and always speak to children using language on their level.

At Happy Kids Dental, we hope you will view our team as an extension of your family - our aim is that parents consider dental visits an integral part of their children’s healthy lifestyle. To achieve this, we have gathered a team of dentists with a specific interest in paediatrics, who work together seamlessly to deliver individually tailored care - beginning with a comprehensive oral-health assessment, and ending with a bespoke treatment plan.

Our dual-qualified dental hygienists/therapists are adept at building positive patient relationships, making prevention fun and easy while being able to help with the transition to treatment. Holistic, compassionate and comprehensive, our team represents our ethos.