The Wand

The Wand anaesthetic in London is a pain-free alternative to the traditional dental injection – ideal for treating children. At Happy Kids Dental, we want your child’s experience of their dental treatment in Marylebone to be as comfortable as possible – for both of you! That’s why we’re proud to offer The Wand – a computerised system that delivers precise local anaesthetic without the pain and anxiety of a dental needle, or the discomfort associated with the effects of extensive numbing.

Local anaesthetic is traditionally administered with a large needle, and numbs the entire side of the face – which not only makes it difficult to talk and eat after treatment, but can cause post-operative trauma too, as children can’t feel if they’re biting their lips or cheeks. The Wand is changing all that, using a computerised, sensor-controlled probe that anaesthetises only the tooth being treated. This is known as STA, or Single Tooth Anaesthesia.

Benefits of The Wand’s technology:

  • It eliminates the need for the needle! The Wand removes any anxiety associated with dental injections.
  • It is unbelievably precise. The Wand’s precision control makes the whole numbing procedure less painful overall.
  • It only numbs the tooth being treated. With The Wand, children won’t experience numbness across the face, as with traditional anaesthetic – so they won’t run the risk of damaging their mouth by accident.
  • It works instantly. The Wand negates the need to wait for the anaesthetic to take effect, so the dentist can complete your child’s treatment more quickly.

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