What are children’s sports mouthguards?

Children's Sports Mouth GuardsThese are custom-made rubber coverings, worn over your child’s teeth to protect them from damage in contact and ball sports.

Being hit in the mouth by a ball in sports such as football, cricket or hockey can lead to serious damage to your child’s teeth, including broken and lost teeth.

Equally, sports in which he or she comes into contact with other players, such as rugby, American football or boxing, can also lead to damaged, broken or dislocated teeth or jaws.

How do children’s mouthguards work?

Custom mouthguards protect against dental injury, trauma or tooth loss by cushioning the teeth and gums to help avoid chipped and broken teeth.

Mouthguards for children at Happy Kids Dental

Our custom-made guards, created in-house, not only provide optimum comfort and protection for the teeth and jaws - they can also help avoid concussion injuries too. Sports guards do need to be replaced fairly regularly so bring yours or your child’s mouthguard with you at regular check-ups so the dentist can assess its condition.

You should check regularly that your child's mouthguard still fits, or if it has become too loose or tight-fitting. Regularly replacing your child’s mouthguard is especially critical, as their teeth and jaws are still growing.

Cost of mouthguards

They may be only a small investment but they could save you a lot of stress and money in the long run – and prevent you or your child missing out on their favourite hobby!

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