Digital Low-Dose X-Rays at Happy Kids Dental

Digital Low Dose X-Ray for KidsX-rays are a fundamental part of a pediatric dentist’s ability to diagnose and monitor the health of children’s dental health. Examinations that only rely on the visual examination by the dentist is not enough, because there are many aspects that the eye cannot see.

By taking x-rays paediatric dentists will be able to see much more, including the baby and permanent teeth, their growth and eruption and any dental and bone disease. They will also be able to evaluate any oral injuries, causes of any swelling in the mouth and cavities located in between the teeth. Digital x-rays also provide us with information regarding the size of the cavities, the diagnoses of any bone disease or oral pathology and signs of abscess, cyst or tumour development. These factors are unable to be detected by a regular oral exam.

Benefits of paediatric x-rays

The ability to use x-rays allows dentists to see the most thorough and complete picture of the status of a child’s oral and dental health. Most pediatric dentists take x-rays once a year as we only want to be taking x-rays when there is cause for concern for dental disease or cavities.The less the risk of tooth decay, the lower the need for taking x-rays. Therefore, if parents are particularly concerned about the use of x-rays, the healthier their children’s teeth are the less they will need an x-ray.

At happy Kids Dental we use only Digital Low Dose X-rays, that have 80%-90% less radiation than traditional film radiography.

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