Children’s Dentistry

Happy Kids Dental is rewriting the script when it comes to dentistry. By bringing specialist paediatric services in-house, we can provide a truly comprehensive and gently service .

Here’s how we do it:

A child-focused dentist

Children are the heart and soul of family life, which is why we believe it’s so important to give them the same level of care you would expect as an adult. Our in-house paediatric team was hand-picked for its incredible rapport with children, enabling us to set them on the path to a lifetime of good oral health.

Fun for kids, relaxing for adults

Every detail at Happy Kids Dental has been considered from our patients’ point of view. Our absorbing, age-appropriate waiting zones are set up to entertain the most active minds, while adults can relax in a tranquil space with coffee and wifi on tap. When the time comes for your appointment, you’ll be led to a bright, airy surgery that feels anything but clinical.

Time for you, time for your kids

We’re committed to creating positive experiences of dental visits – so we’ll take all the time you or your child needs to feel confident in our care, and we particularly welcome patients who are nervous or who have special needs. But we know your time is precious too – which is why we offer year-round flexible hours and same-day emergency appointments that work around your family’s schedule.

State-of-the-art dental care

Our 15 treatment rooms are equipped with the latest generation of dental technology, including the lowest-radiation digital x-ray, The Wand pain-free computerised anaesthesia, a sedation suite and a high-tech dental microscope. Whether you’re accompanying your child or you’re here for yourself, you can expect the highest quality of care across the spectrum of treatments.

Welcome from our founders

Yevhen Hunyak and Roksolana Mykhalus

We are a brother-and-sister team of second-generation dentists. Our parents are doctors and, thanks to their active preventive measures, we never experienced toothache during our childhood, never had any root canal treatments, and have never needed a filling, a crown or an implant placed. We had the best start in life, and want to give our own children the same, fear-free experience of dentistry.

We both chose our career in dentistry because, quite simply, it is our passion – and we want to share it.

We came up with the idea of creating a dental practice that would specialise in children’s dentistry back in 2015. Having both started our own families, it was our children who prompted us to look into creating a family dentist that puts as much focus on children, and their specific needs, as on adults. Yevhen’s daughter had had a bad experience with her visit to a dentist in London and, having lived in the US, we were surprised to find out how difficult it is to find an established private dentist that can provide specialist paediatric care, thereby treating the whole family in a truly comprehensive way. Compared to the world-leading services available in USA, we saw clear room for improvement here in the UK – and that’s how Happy Kids Dental came into being.


With our new practice, we had three key aims:

  • The practice should offer truly comprehensive family dentistry – and that means specialist paediatric services. This is crucial for getting children on board with oral hygiene from an early age and enabling them to grow up with only positive experiences of dental visits.
  • The practice should be big – able to accommodate all areas of dentistry in-house, from specialist paediatric care and specialist orthodontics to hygiene, endodontics and cosmetic dentistry – as well as providing enough space for children to play and adults to relax.
  • The practice should treat children with the same level of care and attention that adults would expect, and offer adults an unrivalled breadth of quality services and bespoke care.

Our main aims agreed on, we got to work! We gathered a team of top specialists in their field and equipped our practice with the latest technology – including an advanced dental microscope, painless computer anaesthesia, sedation systems, dental lasers and the most high-tech systems for caries diagnostics, such as DIAGNOcam. Because we are combining the most innovative and proven treatment techniques with a robust approach to prevention, our team can achieve the best results for smiles that are both healthy and beautiful.

Our investment in people and technology goes hand in hand with our passion for prevention. Statistics show that more than 60% of children in the UK suffer from tooth decay, and 60% of adults have gum disease. That’s why we are big believers in being proactive about prevention. Our approach includes regular, comprehensive examinations by a paediatric dentist from the age of 0 to 18, coupled with regular professional hygiene treatment and early prevention of orthodontic disease. Dental practices with a similar ethos are widespread in the USA – and we think it’s no coincidence that a “Hollywood smile” is desired the world over.

We are so proud of Happy Kids Dental and invite all parents who share our values to come and see for themselves how we’re doing dentistry differently – creating healthy, happy smiles for the whole family.


See For Yourself?

Happy Kids Dental encourages all new patients to come and visit the practice before their first appointment. Come and have a coffee and see our facilities while your kids check out our amazing entertainment!