Children’s Crowns

When a baby tooth is damaged or a cavity becomes too deep or large for a filling to be effective, a crown is often our next course of action, capping the natural tooth with a strong material to restore it to full function. It’s also recommended if your child has had a baby root canal treatment. The procedure is similar to that of adult crowns – a local anaesthetic (such as The Wand) is applied, and the natural tooth is filed down to a shape that will best accommodate the crown.

Unlike adult crowns, which are permanent, a children’s crown is pre-manufactured in different sizes and shapes, then adjusted by the dentist in situ so that it fits precisely over the tooth. It can be made from metal or tooth-coloured ceramic (your dentist will talk you and your child through the benefits of both options), and is durable enough to last until the natural tooth falls out.

Once the crown is cemented in place, you will need to help your child keep it clean along the gum line, and discourage them from eating hard, sticky foods, such as chewing gum, gummy snacks (such as fruit strings) or boiled sweets.

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