Children’s Crowns

When a tooth is damaged or a cavity becomes too deep or large for a filling to be effective, children’s crowns are often our next course of action It’s also the recommended restoration following a root canal treatment. A dental crown is a custom-made restoration that caps the natural tooth, restoring it to full function for many years to come. The procedure is involves administering a local anaesthetic (such as The Wand™), and filing the natural tooth down to a shape that will best accommodate the crown.

Unlike adult crowns, crowns for children’s baby teeth are pre-manufactured in different sizes and shapes, then adjusted by the dentist in situ for the perfect fit. Children’s crowns can be made from metal or tooth-coloured ceramic (your dentist will talk you and your child through the benefits of both options), and are durable enough to last until the natural tooth falls out.

Tailored solutions for all ages

Children who require a permanent crown to restore an adult tooth will benefit from a completely bespoke service at Happy Kids Dental. Their new crown will not only allow you them eat without discomfort, but will be custom-made to look and feel completely natural.

Once a crown is cemented in place, we’ll help your child establish a tailormade hygiene routine to make sure it stays clean and healthy in the long term.

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