What is Chromogenic Staining?

Black staining of the teeth due to Chromogenic (coloured) bacteria can contribute to a real loss of self-esteem in children or even severe self-consciousness, which no child should have to face.

The stains look like pigmented black lines along the gumline and are due to the presence of a form of bacterial plaque living in the child’s mouth.

This may sound nasty, but the good news is that children who are prone to this condition almost always outgrow it as their adult teeth erupt; the bacteria native to the oral environment changes over time.

The best and only way to get rid of this black staining is by maintaining excellent oral hygiene, which requires both diligent at-home care as well as regular dental and dental hygiene visits where staining can be blasted off and the dentist may monitor where and why staining may appear.

A really useful video about chromogenic staining by our wonderful Dr. Khushbu

Important to Remember

Our hygienists at Happy Kids Dental in London do a fabulous job removing stains at your cleaning appointment. Your children will of course go home with gleaming pearly whites, but do remember that these cleans must be repeated every 3-4 months for such patients requiring VIP care for staining-prone teeth.

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