Space Maintainers

If your child loses a tooth – either through injury or infection or because an extraction is required to make space in their mouth – your dentist will recommend a space maintainer. It’s a small appliance that effectively preserves the gap created by a missing tooth so that when the time comes for the adult tooth to erupt, it can do so with no problems. If the gap is left untreated, your child’s baby teeth will begin to drift into the empty space, creating insufficient space for adult teeth and causing the kind of overcrowding that can lead to complex orthodontics and even extractions.

Space maintainers are small and easy to get used to – most children adapt quickly to them after a few days. Your dentist at Happy Kids Dental will provide you with special instructions for oral hygiene, cleaning and diet, to keep the space maintainer in top condition and prevent food and decay-causing plaque building up around it.

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