Join the Happy Kids Club!

Following feedback from many parents, we have decided to launch a unique Happy Kids Club membership scheme.

We have included various perks for members, such as discounts on treatments, structured appointments, competitions, engaging educational events and reward programs to keep your child engaged and excited about healthy habits!

Happy Kids Club is currently only available at our Marylebone location

The Happy Kids Club includes:

  • 2 dental examinations per year
  • 2 hygiene visits per year
  • Fluoride application
  • 50% discount on initial orthodontic appointments
  • Inclusive small X-rays
  • 10% off all treatments*
  • Emergency fee appointment discounted to £100
  • Exclusive competitions and educational events for members

All of this for only £30 per month (plus a one-off £12 registration fee)

*Membership doesn’t include endodontic treatment, general anaesthesia, or orthodontic treatment. To be eligible for Happy Kids Club, you need to attend an initial consultation appointment at Happy Kids Dental Marylebone. Terms and Conditions apply.

These terms detail the treatment to which the patient is entitled and the patient’s obligations to the dental practice under the plan.

Please read the terms and conditions set out below very carefully and if you have any questions about the plan, please do not hesitate to discuss with us.


  1. Operation of the plan: Happy Kids Dental operates a plan to allow the patient to budget for certain aspects of their dental treatment by collecting monthly direct debit from the patient for a minimum of one year from the date of signing this agreement. The agreement for treatment is between the Patient and Happy Kids Dental.
  2.  Assignment: The agreement is personal to the patient and Happy Kids Dental. It may not be transferred or assigned to another dental practice or location. It is only available at Happy Kids Dental in Marylebone.
  3. Treatments covered by the plan: The patient is entitled to receive dental treatments provided by the band allocated to them under the Dental Practice Plan.
  4. Treatment that is not covered by the plan: The following treatments and charges are not included under the terms of the plan: any treatment that has commenced prior to entering into this agreement; any treatment other than that specified under the allocated band; treatment provided elsewhere other than at Happy Kids Dental in Marylebone.
  5. Paying for treatment that is not covered by the plan: Nothing in this agreement prevents the patient from receiving treatment from the Happy Kids Dental, which is not covered by the plan. However, the patient will be responsible for paying for any treatment or charges not covered by the plan.
  6. Treatment provided by another dentist: The plan only covers treatment that is provided by Happy Kids Dental. If the patient receives treatment from another dentist that was not arranged by Happy Kids Dental, the cost of the treatment will not be met by this plan and the patient will have to pay for such treatment themselves.
  7. Specialist treatment: The plan does not include treatment under General Anaesthesia, Orthodontic treatment or Endodontic treatment.
  8. Payment: Happy Kids Dental will provide the patient with one form to set up a monthly direct debit, to cover the patient’s treatment under the plan. Please note that the monthly payments will be made to Smilecare Limited. The patient should sign the direct debit form and return it to Happy Kids Dental. Any payment for treatment or items not included within the plan should be made directly to Happy Kids Dental.

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