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Refer your patients for high quality paediatric care in London

We provide specialist paediatric care in-house, we can offer an enhanced level of care, attention and expertise. We particularly welcome anxious patients or patients with special needs, and instil confidence in parents whose children present with complex cases or medical conditions. We’ve worked hard to create a relaxing, welcoming environment that creates positive associations with dental visits.

Happy Kids Dental welcomes referrals for paediatric dentistry and is committed to co-managing your patient’s oral healthcare.

How to refer?

Our referral process couldn’t be easier! Please register your practice on the form below and fill in the relevant details about your patient and we’ll take it from there. We aim to contact your patient promptly - within 48 hours at the latest!

We will upload the clinical letter on your patient profile to keep you updated on their progress and, when the outstanding treatment is completed, we will always return the patient to your care unless specifically requested otherwise in the referral letter you send us.
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What to I need to inform my patient?

Please advise your patient that after we receive the referral letter, we will be contact them shortly to book the first consultation and advise on the fees below:

Please note that a Paediatric Dentist assessment is a legal requirement and cannot be omitted.

Inhalation sedation, IV sedation or treatment under General Anaesthesia requires two stage consent to be done on different days. No treatment can be carried out on the first visit, except in justified emergencies.

£160 (up to age 5), or £190 (age 5 and over) to carry out a full oral health assessment with a Paediatric Dentist, who will provide a full treatment plan and an estimate of costs and discuss the options available.

If referring for complex surgical treatment provided by a consultant, IV sedation, or treatment under General Anaesthesia, please update your patient with the following information:

£300 for initial assessment and treatment planning with a Paediatric Consultant, during which the type of treatment and sedation will be discussed.

We can sometimes offer a £50 for a short assessment with a Paediatric Dentist to confirm the treatment plan. Our treatment coordinator will advise the patient if this is a suitable option for them. Any treatment provided will be charged separately.

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Our promise to you

We understand that referring your patient requires you to place a great deal of trust in us. Rest assured, we will look after your patient and keep you informed throughout the whole treatment process. If they have a positive experience with us, their parent or carer’s confidence in you will be validated - which, in turn, strengthens our reputation in the professional community.

We encourage all our referring colleagues to attend the practice with their patient at any stage during the process, from consultation to treatment, and our whole team will be delighted to chat with you.

What I can refer for?

  • Special needs dentistry
  • Inhalation sedation
  • Intravenous sedation
  • General anaesthesia offered by a consultant
  • Surgical extractions under sedation
  • Interceptive orthodontics
  • Consultant led oral surgery
  • Comprehensive care for anxious children
  • Management of oral and dental development problems and dental trauma

For any other information please call our dedicated treatment coordinator Dorina on 020 7078 0822

Digital Referral Form

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