What is orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatment commonly uses fixed or removable braces to treat misalignment of the teeth or jaws, or sometimes both. Common problems that are corrected by an orthodontist include:

  • Crooked teeth
  • Protruding front teeth
  • Crossbites
  • Cessation of habits, like thumb sucking and correcting the bite once this has stopped.

Another key aspect of orthodontic treatment is managing the development of the teeth. This means making sure all the teeth are present, in the right location at the right time, and developing normally. If not, then an orthodontist will often make recommendations or plan treatment to ensure development is normal.

Things to consider before seeking orthodontic treatment

  1. The nature of the problem
    some orthodontic issues are better treated early, and others later. For instance, thumb-sucking habits and crossbites are better managed as early as 8 to avoid less desirable permanent effects on the teeth and bite.
  2. The impact of the problem on your child’s overall wellbeing
    for example, if a problem like protruding teeth is having a negative impact on a child’s self-esteem (e.g. not smiling, bullying at school, feeling self-conscious) - then this can be treated as early as 8 years old.
  3. Your child’s dental health
    before starting any orthodontic treatment, it is essential the teeth and gums are healthy. If the orthodontist identifies an issue at your child’s examination, they refer to the dentist/ therapist to stabilise his/her oral health before starting any orthodontic treatment.
  4. The cooperation of your child
    do you think your child will be able to complete the whole orthodontic timescale without undue stress to them, or damage to the equipment? Some children will find it harder than others to adapt to orthodontic treatment.

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Our Orthodontic Team

We have 3 orthodontic specialists, with world-class education from top UK and USA universities and with more than 10 years of experience of children’s orthodontics.

Orthodontics FAQs

Who carries out the orthodontic treatment?

At Happy Kids Dental an orthodontist will always carry out your or your child’s treatment.

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