Inhalation Sedation

Commonly known as laughing gas, or happy air, inhalation sedation is an excellent way of putting anxious patients at ease. At Happy Kids Dental, we recommend inhalation sedation for certain treatments, or to prepare your child for anaesthesia – it’s safe, non-allergic, and creates feelings of contentment, relaxation and sleepiness when inhaled. We might recommend inhalation sedation during one of our restorative treatments at Happy Kids Dental.

Before inhalation sedation is administered, we recommend children don’t eat for a couple of hours before treatment; sometimes it can induce a feeling of nausea – however, there no other negative side effects. The procedure is very simple, involving placing a fitted mask over your child’s nose; they can continue to breathe normally. After treatment has completed, your child will only need to breathe regular air for a few moments before the effects of inhalation sedation wear off – children often describe the experience as being like dreaming, with tingly arms and legs. Inhalation sedation not only raises the pain threshold but makes the time feel as though it passes very quickly.

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