Inhalation Sedation – Great Solution to Reduce Anxiety in Nervous Patients

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Children sometimes feel worried about going to the dentist and having treatment. One of the best and safest ways to help your child feel less nervous or scared is by giving them ‘inhalation sedation’ which is sometimes called ‘happy air’ or ‘laughing gas’.

We usually offer this to children from around the age of four or five. Your child will be conscious (awake) the whole time and will be able to talk to you and the dentist. This should help with any worries they may have, and they should be able to cope with treatment more easily. It can also help if they are afraid of injections.

We place a small mask over your child’s nose so they can breathe a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. After a few minutes your child should start to feel more relaxed, giggly, having a tingling feeling in the fingers and/or toes. Children often say they feel warm and as if they are floating. Your child may not like wearing the mask. We can help by showing your child the mask and getting them to practise wearing it beforehand.

Inhalation sedation at Happy Kids Dental is provided by a team of highly skilled sedation trained children’s dentist , therapist and nurses so that parents can be assured that their children receive highest level of care. After all we are proud to say that we are #1 Children’s Referral Practice in London where more then 100 dentist  chose to refer their patients to us for this treatment in 2018 alone ! Our team performs an average of 15 Sedations each week.

The inhalation method of sedation may not be right for your child. This can depend on the age of the child and how well they can understand and cooperate with the procedure. Sometimes we only realise this after we have attempted inhalation sedation and not been successful.

If you decide your child should have sedation, you will be asked to sign a consent form, which confirms that you understand exactly what the procedure involves and agree to the treatment. This appointment  provides an excellent opportunity for you to ask any questions that you might have, we take our time to explain the whole procedure in detail , so that there are no surprises when you attend for your Inhalation Sedation appointment next time.

Inhalation sedation has no health risks for patients. It is the safest sedation method for an anxious child who could not cope with dental treatment otherwise.

Before inhalation sedation is administered, we recommend children don’t eat for a couple of hours before treatment; sometimes it can induce a feeling of nausea – however, there no other negative side effects.

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