Step 1

Book an appointment with our award-winning team

Your child’s journey starts with a consultation with one of our award-winning orthodontists for a full assessment, scans, x-rays and pictures to build you a bespoke treatment plan.

You may book this appointment via our website here or give our wonderful reception teams a call today on 020 7078 0822.

*Be sure to mention any previous orthodontic plans you may have and send across any scans or x-rays previously taken - this will help us best prepare for your visit.

Step 2

Welcome to the practice!

On the day of your appointment be sure to come nice and early to take full advantage of everything we have to offer from the iPads and Pinball machines, to the large screen TVs where you’re in charge of the remote. Grown ups can enjoy a hot beverage while they wait.

Our reception team will check you in and you can relax in our waiting room until the Orthodontic team comes to greet you.

Step 3

Then the magic starts… Your consultation with your NEW Orthodontist

  1. Your consultation starts with your Orthodontist asking all about you, your lifestyle, what concerns you have and what kind of results you’re looking for so they can provide a bespoke treatment plan that is suitable for you!
  2. You’ll then head to our x-ray suite where our Panoramic X-ray machine will take a quick, easy picture of your whole mouth for the dentist to analyze.
  3. We’ll then take a 3D scan of your teeth for you to see how everything looks - your teeth alignment, jaw movement, everything under the surface!
  4. Finally, feel like a celebrity by having your pictures taken so we can document your smile before we start treatment.

Your orthodontist will then go through their recommendations for treatment, how long it will take and how it will work - they can even show you how your teeth will move into place and what your new smile may look like.

Step 4

Meet your Treatment Coordinator

After you’ve finished with your orthodontist you’ll be invited into your Treatment Coordinator's office - you’ll get to know this place very well! Your Treatment Coordinator is a friendly, warm member of our team who will be with you every step of the way to help coordinate your fitting, payments and any query you have along your Smile Journey.

We highly encourage that at least one parent joins the orthodontic consultation. For regular appointments, chaperones are more than welcome to bring children to the appointment.

You’re more than welcome to take your treatment plan home and have a think, but we’re sure you’ll be super impressed and want to get the ball rolling! Your Treatment Coordinator will then take a deposit and book your fitting.

Step 5

Getting started!

We take all measurements and records we need on the day of Initial Consultation, so you don't have to come back! We are ready to order orthodontic appliances on the same day! We provide a treatment letter and information about each option recommended so if you need more time to think about it you have it all in writing! This is especially useful when only one parent joins the consultations.

In order to proceed, we collect a deposit of 30% of the total of your preferred option. For the rest of the payment, you can settle it over the next few appointments or our treatment coordinator can set up a standing order for you.

The standing order monthly payments have no additional cost and helps you spread the cost over a long period of time.

*Payments starting from £245 depending on treatment duration.

Step 6

Come for your fitting

Today’s the day! When you come for your fitting your orthodontic therapist will go through exactly how to care for your device, keep your teeth clean and healthy throughout your treatment and answer any questions you may have.

You’ll also be given your personal Goodie Bag full of treats to kick start your treatment as well as your Rewards Card - this links to an easy-to-use application on your phone when you can collect points, redeem prizes and enter competitions to get even more points - your Treatment Coordinator will help you to set this up!

Step 7

Rewards system

Your orthodontic journey at Happy Kids Dental includes a reward system that makes visits to us even more fun! You can collect points, redeem prizes and enter competitions to get even more points.

Your Treatment Coordinator will help you to set this up!

Step 8

We see you every 6-8 weeks

We see you for regular appointments every 6-8 weeks, depending on appliance and complexity of treatment.

Don't forget to continue to see your regular dentist and hygienist during your orthodontic journey.

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