Restoring cavities with the latest filling materials

Spotting a cavity early means we are able to restore the tooth before the decay spreads to the nerve and starts causing pain.

At Happy Kids Dental, we offer a variety of choices for our patients. Being a children’s practice, we choose our filling materials to cater to all our little patients needs - meaning we can create durable, fracture-resistant fillings.

Composite fillings

Composite is a tooth-coloured, putty-like resin that can be moulded to fit the tooth exactly. These white fillings are not only the best option for adults who want a natural-looking, metal-free result - they’re also great for children.

Unlike amalgam or silver fillings, white fillings are minimally invasive and do not require the removal of healthy tooth tissue, which also means less drilling. Composite material hardens in seconds, making the procedure super-convenient with minimal downtime.

Using composite material, we are able to restore the strength of teeth in an efficient and effective manner while maintaining great natural aesthetics.

Baby teeth restorations

Our little patients are excited about new fluoride-releasing fillings for baby teeth called Twinky Star Fillings.

These are made from a special, coloured, compomer-based material and have been designed specifically for children’s baby teeth. The fillings come in a variety of colours to choose from: pink, blue, green, yellow and purple.

Twinky Star fillings are toxicologically safe, easy to use and release fluoride, which strengthens and protects a filled tooth.

BPA-free fillings

We often get asked about BPA-free fillings. Many of our parents are concerned about this industrial chemical, which is used in many plastics and resins and has been linked to certain health issues.

To address this rightful concern, at Happy Kids Dental we offer the option of BPA-free fillings, such as Venus Pearl and Venus Diamond. These materials have very similar properties to composite materials because, while still effective and aesthetically pleasing, their use results in the minimal reduction of healthy tooth tissue while remaining BPA-free.

Gentle & fast filling procedures

There’s no need to fear fillings at Happy Kids Dental. As well as using materials that require the least possible drilling, we also employ The Wand™ to deliver targeted and precise anaesthetic, without the need for a large dental needle.

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