High-tech Fillings

If we spot a cavity before it becomes too deep-rooted, a filling is the perfect solution – and at Happy Kids Dental, we promise the procedure will be fast and pain-free.

The latest filling technology

At Happy Kids Dental, we only offer the newest white filling materials, creating durable, fracture-resistant fillings using composite, a putty-like resin that can be moulded to fit the tooth exactly. White fillings are not only the best option for adults who want a natural-looking, metal-free result; they’re great for children too. Unlike amalgam or silver fillings, white fillings require less tooth structure to be removed – and therefore less drilling; plus, the composite material hardens in seconds, making the procedure super-convenient with minimal downtime.

Gentle, fast filling procedures

There really is no need to fear the filling at Happy Kids Dental. As well as using filling materials that require the least possible drilling, we also employ The Wand™ to deliver targeted, precise anaesthetic, painlessly, without the need for a large dental needle.

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