Are you familiar with WaterLase dentistry?

If not, you may be surprised to learn that WaterLase dental LASERs have revolutionised the dental experience. For our fearful patients, that means that it’s much easier now to sit comfortably through a dental appointment.

What Is a WaterLase Dental LASER?

A WaterLase dental LASER is a comfortable alternative to a traditional dental drill. The typical dental drill produces heat, vibration, and pressure—unfortunately, these sensations can contribute to patients’ pain.

By contrast, a WaterLase dental LASER doesn’t generate any of these sensations, making it virtually painless.

Benefits of dental lasers

How Does WaterLase Work?

Using a water stream and a beam of energy that is generated by a laser, the WaterLase dental LASER is used to safely and accurately remove tooth decay.

What Are the Benefits of WaterLase Dentistry?

The WaterLase dental LASER offers significant benefits over the traditional drill that dentists use:

  1. Lasers have been around for decades and are used in a number of different fields including dermatology and ophthalmology. They are especially effective in paediatric dentistry due to children's tooth structure.
  2. Traditional drills grind and spin, often removing large amounts of tooth surface and decay at once. With this type of drill, patients run the risk of developing cracks and fractures in their teeth. By contrast, the WaterLase LASER removes very small amounts of tooth without damaging its structure.
  3. Quick recovery: Patients experience faster recovery times after treatment with laser dentistry than with traditional metal drills.
  4. More hygienic: The Laser disinfects and sterilises the teeth and gums as treatment is performed, something that traditional metal drills and scalpels are unable to do.
  5. Extremely High Patient Satisfaction.A whopping 97% of patients who experience WaterLase dentistry say they would recommend it to friends and family. Perhaps not so coincidentally, 99% of our patients say they would refer others to us (thanks!).

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