Gentle Endodontics

Also known as pulp therapy, a baby root canal is often required when a cavity is so large, decay has penetrated as deep as the dental pulp, infecting the sensitive bundle of nerve endings and soft tissue inside the tooth. This can be extremely painful for a child, causing throbbing pain in their tooth or jaw. Baby root canal treatment will not only remove the infection instantly, but save the tooth from the need for extraction too.

A baby root canal is very different from the adult version – it only takes a few minutes to complete, and can be done in a single appointment. Depending on the extent of decay, there are numerous treatment options your dentist will consider, from removing the decay and simply capping the tooth to protect it, to removing all the infected pulp and sealing it, before fixing a children’s crown. Your paediatric dentist at Happy Kids Dental will talk you through the options and provide a clear and concise treatment plan.

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