Get your kids to love brushing!

If your child refuses to brush their teeth, it can make bedtime a nightmare. Plus, bad brushing habits can set your child up for a lifetime of tooth decay, infection and gum disease. But it doesn’t have to be this way…

That’s why we have created the Toothbrushing Academy - a fun way for your child to fall in love with brushing their teeth. Think giant toothbrushes, animal brushing stations and jungle-themed dental surgeries!

Prevent Decay

More than 25% of five-year-olds in England have tooth decay and more than 45,000 kids had teeth extracted in hospital in 2018. The sad thing is that this can be entirely preventable with a few simple changes in habits!

We’ll provide a gentle polish to help introduce your child to hygiene visits. We’ll also discuss diet and nutrition, ways of preventing tooth decay, and ideas for healthy drinks and snacks so your child doesn’t become a statistic!

Personalised Oral Care

When children turn three years old they graduate from Toothbrushing Academy to full hygiene appointments and will have a graduation ceremony, your child will get a special certificate , medal and have their photo taken in a graduation gown. These happy memories and sense of achievement helps your child look forward to their dental appointments and prevent fears and phobias!

You and your child will also go away with personalised oral care advice, including any “tooth selfies” we’ve taken with our intraoral camera.

What happens during the Toothbrushing Academy appointment?

There are three fun steps to becoming a Toothbrushing Graduate!

  1. The brushing station:
    It’s always a huge hit with children, who love using the oversized toothbrushes on our animal friends before learning how to clean their own teeth with their parent or carer. Photos and videos are encouraged for reference (and a great selfie opportunity!), and we’ll also recommend the best evidence-based products for your child to use at home – we have a wide range of options for children of all ages and abilities.
  2. The dental surgery:
    We’ve kitted out our bright, jungle (Marylebone) or underwater-themed (Chelsea) surgeries with TVs on the ceiling above the dental chair - a great way to help children relax while we chat with their parents or carers. We’ll educate both of you about starting a great brushing routine at home, and offer lots of advice on how to stick to it. We also take “tooth selfies” with our intraoral cameras – radiation-free devices that are great for helping patients and parents understand what’s going on inside the mouth.
  3. Hygiene:
    We’ll provide a gentle polish to introduce your child to hygiene visits, which will be recommended when they’re a little older. We’ll discuss healthy diet options as well as brushing techniques and we will follow up all appointments with a detailed email, including any “tooth selfies” we’ve taken and personalised oral care advice.

Toothbrushing Academy - Q&A

How old should my child be to visit the toothbrushing academy?

We recommend visiting the Toothbrushing Academy when your child is between 1 and 3 years old.

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