Welcome to the Tooth Fairy’s Secret Castle

You all know that Father Christmas lives at the North Pole, and the Easter Bunny lives on Easter Island (yes he does), but where does the Tooth Fairy live?

The answer is: right here at Happy Kids Dental!

The Tooth Fairy loves to meet children at Happy Kids Dental, look after them while they’re visiting the dentist and help them learn how to care for their teeth. Her reward? Beautiful healthy white baby teeth to collect when they fall out to let your grown-up teeth come through.

She will happily answer all your questions about dentists and your teeth. She’s already answered a few of our questions about being a Tooth Fairy – just have a look at the video!

You can ask a parent to send your questions directly to the Tooth Fairy on Twitter or Facebook, or ask her yourself next time you come in for a check-up. She can’t wait to see you!

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