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Happy Kids Dental is the UK’s largest paediatric dental clinic. Established in Marylebone, this unique concept is popular among children and parents alike. The winner of multiple dentistry awards, it has delivered many positive experiences for children and gained over 70 adult referrals. The demand was clear, and the founders decided to open another location in Chelsea.

“Children’s dentistry, reimagined”: the clinic’s motto and the basis of every patient’s experience. The whole team is passionate about children’s dentistry. All of our clinicians have extensive experience in treating children, achieving the specialist paediatric dental care qualification; an additional 3 years on top of general dental education.

The main focus of the team is the prevention of diseases of the teeth and provision of advanced paediatric oral health treatments in a relaxed ,fun environment that children will love to visit (and won’t want to leave!).

Everything in the clinic is designed to set children up for a lifetime of caring for their teeth

The fun starts from the moment a child enters the clinic. In Chelsea they will explore colourful underwater themes, with a giant pirate ship in the reception area. In Marylebone they will immerse themselves in a jungle, surrounded by smiley animals such as a monkey, hippo and giraffe. This colourful and fun environment puts children instantly at ease. Everything in the clinic is designed to set them up for a lifetime of caring for their teeth. From interactive, age appropriate zones in the waiting area, giant animal-themed ‘brushing stations’ and TVs with cartoons on the ceiling, to stress-free and pain-free dental treatment solutions.

Dentist Dr Roksolana is the co-founder of Happy Kids Dental. During her 12 years practising in the USA, she found a new concept of a children-specific dental clinic and decided to bring this concept to London.

At Happy Kids Dental we always encourage parents and children to arrange regular check-ups and hygiene visits to ensure that children’s mouths stay healthier and happier throughout their lifetimes.

Want to know more about how we create healthy, happy and cavity-free smiles? Pop into the practice for a tour, or call us on 020 7078 0822 to arrange a consultation!

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