Why should we care about baby teeth?

Baby teeth fall out naturally – why should we care about them?

If you’ve gone through weeks of looking after a grizzly, dribbly, teething baby, you’ll likely be celebrating when that first tooth finally makes an appearance! But, as a new parent, you’ll know by now that every hurdle you overcome with your baby opens the door to a fresh set of challenges – and those first teeth are no exception. But why do baby teeth matter?

Baby teeth are essential for getting the right nutrition

Babies and children need a variety of nutrients to help them grow, and they get these from consuming an increasing variety of food and drink. Whether you’re trying baby-led weaning or gradually upping the lump-factor in those baby purees, they’ll need their milk teeth to chow down on what you’re giving them at meal times. If milk teeth are decayed or missing, your child simply won’t be able to eat all the foods they should be eating at this crucial age.

Baby teeth help speech development

We can’t speak properly without our teeth, so it’s essential that baby teeth are looked after in order for your child to find their voice. If baby teeth are missing or improperly formed, it can have a huge impact on speech development, with long-term consequences.

Baby teeth are the foundations of your child’s face

Those milk teeth play a hugely important role in structuring your growing baby’s smile and facial appearance. They not only ensure your child’s adult teeth come through in the correct position, but, through chewing, ensure facial muscles are being exercised, which in turn helps develop a healthy jaw. When baby teeth fall out prematurely, adult teeth can move around and come through in the wrong place, which can lead to dental problems.

Baby teeth help your child grow, eat, speak and smile – all of which means it is essential that you follow the rule of firsts when it comes to visiting the dentist:


Bring your baby to see us at Happy Kids Dental either when the first tooth appears or by their first birthday even if no teeth are showing. It’s the perfect time for us to check there are no underlying problems with your child’s teeth, gums or jaw, and for you to get all the advice you need on oral hygiene, nutrition and teething. Let’s start this journey together!

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