What will my crown be like?

Children know that royal crowns are made from gold and encrusted with jewels, so they might be curious about any children’s crowns going into their mouth. Here’s what to tell them.

Sometimes, despite best efforts, children’s teeth develop deep cavities, or are cracked, chipped or otherwise damaged by accident. In these cases, a crown might be a good solution, to preserve their biting surfaces and beautiful smile.


Sometimes called a cap, this is essentially a false covering for the entire tooth. This will prevent the need to have the tooth removed, leaving a gap, and your child will have a natural-looking tooth in its place. Because crowns are colour-matched to your child’s natural teeth, no one will be able to tell the difference.

How is a crown fitted?

To fit a crown, the old tooth will need to be ground down to a fine point so the crown can be fixed on to it with a strong but safe adhesive. It’s a simple procedure that our dentists here at Happy Kids Dental have carried out many times before.

We always make sure your child has a crown that’s a best fit for their needs

A crown is a sturdy structure made of material specifically designed to work and look just like a natural tooth and offer protection for the rest of your teeth. Our dentists here at our Marylebone, London surgery will choose a crown made of a material that bests suits your child’s dental needs. We’ll discuss this with you before we begin, so you’ll always be clear on what we plan on doing and why.

What are crowns made of then?

Today’s crowns are made from aesthetically pleasing tooth-coloured materials, ranging from porcelain to glass (yes, really!) and they’re made in different shapes and sizes, so they can fit your child’s tooth perfectly.

Once the crown is fixed in your child’s mouth, they can forget about it. Nothing much will change, and they should be able to eat just as well as they did before. Naturally, you will still need to maintain a healthy brushing and flossing regime and encourage the same dental hygiene as before. However, the great news is that your child will be able to eat, sing and smile again – and get on with the important business of being a happy kid!

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