The Gift of a Beautiful Smile for Life

Give your child a great start in life with a winning smile!

Your smile will take you far in life if you take care of it. Start looking after your child’s teeth now, and they’ll reap the benefits over the course of their lifetime. An effortless, healthy smile can make a tremendous difference to your child’s quality of life, helping them to communicate confidently and make friends, and, crucially, keep their oral hygiene on track. Let’s look at the many wide-ranging benefits that come from taking good care of your child’s teeth (and teaching them to do it themselves) with our top smile facts!

Smiling is contagious

It really is! There is growing evidence to suggest we’re hardwired to mimic the facial expressions of those around us, allowing us to empathise with their feelings – and who wouldn’t want to share a little happiness with a smile? When your child is able to smile confidently, it sends out a clear message that they are approachable and friendly – which in turn will stand them in good stead when they’re adults; just think how much easier job interviews and networking will be if they have an effortless smile.

Smiling reduces stress and lowers blood pressure

It’s true – the very act of smiling engages muscles that, in turn, release serotonin and endorphins. These can help lower stress and blood pressure, so your child is developing good habits that will have beneficial health effects as they get older. What’s more, it’ll also make them more likely to be relaxed, happy adults.

Smiling encourages great oral hygiene, and vice versa

If your child can smile confidently, both now and as an adult, your efforts in encouraging them to look after their teeth will have paid dividends. By teaching them the importance of regular brushing and flossing, your children are developing habits that will last a lifetime, staving off tooth loss, dental decay and complicated dental procedures. So, giving your child the gift of a lifelong beautiful smile, you’re helping them benefit from all the wonderful advantages a healthy mouth can bring.

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