Sustainable Dentistry at Happy Kids Dental in London

Eco-Friendly Dentists LondonSustainability and climate change are hot topics, with the UK Parliament declaring a climate emergency in 2019.

Providing dental care is energy intensive, and requires the use of many materials, each of which have a direct and indirect impact on the environment. At Happy Kids Dental in London we believe that sustainable healthcare should use the resources available without compromising the health of current and future generations, whilst also not impeding on the ability to deliver healthcare.

At our London dental clinics we strive to follow eco-dentistry guidelines. This approach to dentistry can be described as the one, that focuses on the implementation of “sustainable practices by keeping resource consumption in line with nature’s economy, by safeguarding the external environment by virtue of eliminating or reducing outgoing wastes and by promoting the well-being of all those in the clinical environment by conscious reduction of the chemicals in the breathable air”.

That is why at our dental clinics in London we are following various procedures to reduce our environmental impact:

  • We recycle a wide range of waste streams including paper, plastics, computers, monitors, textiles, batteries and fluorescent bulbs.
  • Reduce energy consumption by using energy efficient bulbs, using sleep features on our equipment, having timers on our heaters, insulating our buildings and purchasing lower energy replacement equipment. We also purchase our energy from renewable sources.
  • We use public transport for work purposes where possible.
  • Reduce our use of resources by going almost fully digital. When required we print double sided, buy recycled paper, stationery products
  • We support and regularly donate to charity and support employees with training and opportunities for charitable work.
  • The oral hygiene products used in the practice are sustainable. We also sell eco-friendly products including biodegradable cleaning materials, water-based inks and products not tested on animals.
  • The staff undergo regular training on waste minimisation.

We are delighted to announce that we were awarded for our efforts and in June 2020 received a Green Achiever mark of excellence, stating that we are operating at a 5 star level.

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