Shaping smiles for the future

Smile enhancement for children isn’t about interfering with Mother Nature. It’s about finding a gentle route to healthier teeth and gums in the long term. At Happy Kids Dental we take a holistic approach with every patient, and advise parents if our smile enhancement treatments will be beneficial. Here’s a round-up of what we can offer and how it can help.

The problem preventer: early orthodontics

The field of early orthodontics is fast gaining traction as an excellent preventive measure. In assessing children as young as 6, we can identify potential future problems with bite position, jaw development and misaligned teeth. Treating children with gentle methods from around the age of 8 means we can carefully manipulate the jaw while it is still soft and growing, creating space for adult teeth to come through in the right place. If you wait until your child is in their teens to consider orthodontics, their jaw will have fused permanently, increasing the likelihood of lengthy brace treatments and jaw surgery.

The confidence booster: Invisalign Teen

Many dentists offer Invisalign as an adult-only treatment, but high-tech Invisalign Teen gives Happy Kids Dental patients access to the same amazing benefits. If your child needs braces but you are concerned about the effect of metal or fixed systems on their lifestyle, Invisalign Teen offers the perfect solution – a clear aligner system that is barely visible when worn, and removable for eating and cleaning. But it’s not just about looks – Invisalign Teen is ideal for children who are serious about contact sports and musical instruments too!

The smile corrector: gum treatment

A gummy smile can be caused by lots of reasons – the most common being excess gum tissue around the necks of the teeth; vertical overgrowth of the upper jaw, which makes gums bulge; and long-term wear of the upper teeth (bruxism), making teeth appear shorter. If your child has a gummy smile, it certainly isn’t something they have to live with for life – in most cases, it can be treated very easily with Happy Kids Dental’s range of services offering smile enhancement for children: either through a simple soft-tissue laser treatment – often an experience that’s as routine as getting a filling – or with orthodontics.

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