Pain-free dentistry: Why The Wand is a winner with kids

Were you afraid of the dentist as a child? If so, what frightened you the most? We’ll bet it wasn’t the strange machinery or the dental nurse, but the anaesthesia injection. Even as adults, needles can be scary, so you can imagine what they look like to your kids! What if we told you a visit to the dentist needn’t be a negative experience for your own children?

Visit Happy Kids Dental, a paediatric dental practice in Marylebone, and see first-hand how we use the latest, innovative technologies to deliver pain-free dentistry to your child. With your child’s individual needs always front of mind, we provide a positive, affirming dental experience where they feel safe and comfortable.

Pain-free dentistry

Say hello to The Wand computer-assisted anaesthesia system and goodbye to big scary needles. The Wand is small and non-threatening and doesn’t even look like a needle. The delivery of anaesthesia is so painless that many patients don’t even realise they are being given an injection.

That’s because the pain from a traditional injection isn’t the result of the needle prick. Rather, it’s from the anaesthesia being pushed too forcefully into the gum. It’s the change in pressure that causes the pain. The Wand, on the other hand, controls the flow of anaesthesia so that it is consistent, steady and slow, allowing the gum tissues to numb before the needle touches them and thereby ensuring pain-free dentistry for your child.

The Wand computer-assisted anaesthesia system

Instead of a bulky and intimidating syringe, The Wand is light-weight and looks more like a pen with a fine needle at the tip. More importantly, it has the power to change the way your child experiences a trip to the dentist. No more racing heart, anxiety and tears!

The dentists at Happy Kids Dental really care about giving your child a stress-free dental experience and The Wand helps lighten their load too. Because The Wand takes over the administration of anaesthesia, our dentists can focus on the task at hand without the fear that they will inflict any amount of pain on your child. They can simply adjust the flow rate and pressure as necessary and a gentle beep guides them to do the rest.

With The Wand’s targeted single-tooth anaesthesia, a numb mouth is now a thing of the past. Your child can simply get on with their day without any unnecessary numbness.

The pain-free dentistry afforded by The Wand is just one of many reasons that Happy Kids Dental paediatric dental practice in Marylebone, London is a top choice for your child’s dental needs. Why not request an appointment and come see for yourself how we’re changing the way kids think about dentistry!

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