Ouch that hurt!

Ouch, that hurt! What to do in a dental emergency

No matter how careful we are, how well we watch our kids or how safe we try to keep them, accidents do happen. It’s rare for children to grow up without having had a bump or a scrape along the way – and the same goes for a dental emergency. So let’s focus on the second part of our parental responsibility: kissing it and making it better!

When mouths are the bits that are bumped, the resulting injury can seem a lot worse than it really is. That’s because mouths bleed a lot, and the blood mixed with saliva can appear alarming. But don’t panic! Rinse gently with lukewarm water so you can get a good look and assess the real extent of the damage. Then check our quick-reference guide to see what to do next.

Chipped or broken baby tooth

Take your child to the dentist as soon as possible, where the right course of action will be decided on; this could include smoothing the tooth down, rebuilding it with a resin material, or removing it.

Chipped or broken permanent tooth

We can’t speak properly without our teeth, so it’s essential that baby teeth are looked after in order for your child to find their voice. If baby teeth are missing or improperly formed, it can have a huge impact on speech development, with long-term consequences.

Knocked-out baby tooth

Don’t attempt to put it back in the socket, as this could risk damaging the permanent tooth underneath. Instead, try and stop the bleeding by applying gentle pressure with gauze or a muslin for around 10 minutes. Give your child paracetamol or ibuprofen for the pain, but never place aspirin or any other painkiller directly on the gums, as this can cause them to burn.

Broken braces

If a brace wire has come loose, try using the rubber end of a pencil to push it into a more comfortable position. If this isn’t possible, try covering the wire with dental wax, a small cotton ball or a piece of gauze until you can get to Happy Kids Dental. Never cut the wire, as your child could end up swallowing or inhaling it.

In all cases, call Happy Kids Dental on 020 7078 0822 as soon as possible, so we can further advise you and get you an urgent appointment as soon as possible. We’ll have your kids patched up and smiling again in no time!

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