How to choose good drinks and snacks for your kids

We know that giving your child the right things to eat and drink is an absolute minefield. And while you might not think to go to the dentist for nutrition tips, the paediatric team at Happy Kids Dental is trained to offer tailored diet advice – so let us help you get a handle on healthy eating for kids.

How can you protect your child’s teeth

Here at Happy Kids Dental, we encourage educating your children about oral health – and that includes encouraging them to make right choices when it comes to what they choose to eat. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to know exactly what those choices should be. Don’t worry – we’re here to help!

What kind of drinks and snacks are good for my children?

Sugar is the biggest culprit when it comes to dental decay, so choosing the right drinks and snacks is crucial in your war against tooth loss and cavities. Naturally you will already be giving your child a healthy, balanced diet, but when it comes to drinks and snacks, it can be confusing.


Snacking is frowned upon by dentists, as it extends the amount of time teeth are exposed to harmful acids. But we know that growing children often require extra fuel to keep them going until their next sit- down meal, either at home or at school. The trick then, is to ensure that these snacks have as little sugar as possible. We would suggest fresh vegetables such as cucumber, carrots, celery, tomatoes or mangetout. You can cut them up in pieces or sticks to make them more appealing and easier to handle. Cheese is also a great and tooth-friendly snack – but think harder cheeses (like Babybel) that won’t stick to their teeth.


Water is the best drink for kids (and adults too). Pure, natural juice drinks can be given, if they won’t drink water, but should be kept to mealtimes only. We know that fruit juices are high in vitamin C, but what is often forgotten is that they are full of sugar, albeit natural, and they’re also acidic. A good way to wean your children off juices is to dilute them with water – slowly adding more water than juice.

Milk is another favourite with the kids, but again remember the sugar (lactose) content, so try and keep it to mealtimes only. Finally, cordials and fizzy drinks are all full of artificial sweeteners and sugars, so it’s best to stay away from these altogether.

If you do have any concerns about safeguarding your children’s teeth, or want more ideas for improving their diet, you can always call us or come and see us at our Marylebone, London surgery.

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