How to Avoid Dental Emergencies

Could the 21st century spell the end of the dental emergency for kids?

With a great paediatric dentist that gets kids on board from the get-go, dental emergencies should be a thing of the past

When it comes to your children’s health, a severe toothache – or worse, a dental injury – ranks pretty highly on the list of things you’d like them to avoid. Dental emergencies can be stressful and traumatic – but this is 2018, folks! With the right education, technology and resources at our disposal, dental emergencies can and should be a thing of the past. Here at Happy Kids Dental, we’re serious about eliminating dental emergencies. Here’s how:

We get the preventive message across.

At Happy Kids Dental, we’re always finding creative ways to get kids on board with brushing properly and eating mindfully, from the age of 0 right through to 18. Remember, little problems lead to bigger ones, which can lead to dental emergencies. If your child is enthusiastic about oral health at home, and looks forward to their regular check-ups, they’re already set up for a lifetime of worry-free smiles.

We instil confidence in the whole family.

We aim to take the stress out of dental care. If you spot a problem and know your child can be seen easily by their dentist, you won’t put off having their teeth checked. With year-round evening and weekend appointments, we can see your child quickly, eliminating minor problems before they develop into dental disasters.

We can help prevent injury.

Our bespoke sports guards offer enhanced protection against tooth damage, tooth loss and jaw fractures. But that’s not all. By providing a wide breadth of dental services in-house, such as early-intervention orthodontics, we can closely monitor your child’s jaw and teeth development, ultimately reducing their risk of a dental emergency.

We’ve got all the right tech.

Technology takes the fear out of dental care – which makes for happy kids and happy parents who trust the advice of their dentist. From The Wand painless anaesthesia to low-radiation dental x-ray, our 15 state-of-the-art surgeries are equipped with ways of making treatment faster and more comfortable than ever before.

We make coming to the dentist FUN.

We’re as famous for our play areas, replete with iPads, games consoles and the occasional party entertainer, as we are for our bright treatment rooms that don’t feel (or smell, or sound) clinical or scary. With a team trained to talk to kids on their level, our practice creates positive associations with the dentist that will stay with your kids for life.

So, next time you’re battling with your kids’ brushing, or worrying if that shop-bought sports guard is going to cut it on the hockey pitch, consider the benefits of a private paediatric dentist.

Here at Happy Kids Dental, we’d love to make dental emergencies a thing of the past – but in the meantime, you can rest assured that if you or your child experiences a dental injury, our emergency dentist in London will aim to see you on the same day whenever possible.

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