How much does the tooth fairy pay ?

How much do Tooth Fairies across the UK pay?

A recent conversation with our founder, Dr Roksolana Mykhalus, got us thinking about the Tooth Fairy – or Tooth Fairies – and how they each have different methods. Roksolana told us how one of her son’s teeth cost her £2. “I remember that morning how Marco came to the kitchen beaming with pride, holding £2 in his little hands and asking how soon he would lose all of his teeth, because that seemed like a good business opportunity to him!” So how much do you pay for a tooth? 

Is £2 a lot or a little? How much does the Tooth Fairy leave in your home? Does it depend on the size of the tooth perhaps? Or maybe the state of it? Are teeth that have been well looked after more highly rewarded?

Cash payouts in the US were recently reported to average $4.13 (almost £3) per tooth! Given that each child will lose 20 teeth during their childhood, Marco may well be onto something. Perhaps the Tooth Fairy should be giving kids investment advice too!

One thing’s for sure: it’s not great when little Jane gets £1 and then hears that her friend Mary got £20 (yes it does happen). An early lesson about life’s inequalities, yes, but it also undermines the Tooth Fairy’s credibility – because why would she pay one child more?

So, we at Happy Kids Dental decided that we’d try and help you come up with a good average amount to leave under your cherub’s pillow. To that end, we’d appreciate your help. Please take 30 seconds to answer our quick survey and then be sure to check back here for the results! And to make sure we get as accurate a response as possible, share this with your family and friends!

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It’s all in the name of saving the Tooth Fairy from controversy. As Roksolana mused, “I guess being a professional tooth fairy makes me very biased, but I do think that the Tooth Fairy is one of the coolest traditions!”

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