Does your child need early orthodontics?

While a mouth full of healthy straight teeth may be the ultimate goal of every dentist, orthodontic treatments provide more than the aesthetic appeal of a perfect smile. Not only do orthodontics treat crowding, alignment and the spacing of your child’s teeth, but they can also correct and prevent serious development issues that affect the jaw joints and muscles in their face.

Did you know orthodontic treatments come in phase 1 and 2?

While some children only need phase 2 orthodontic treatments, such as fixed braces, once they have their adult teeth, other kids need earlier intervention.

Why choose phase 1 orthodontics?

You may ask yourself why your child would need this treatment before they have adult teeth. It’s simple:

Phase 1 orthodontic treatments (also known as interceptive orthodontics) help prevent more serious issues later in life. The great news is that early treatments in phase 1 not only minimise the length of phase 2 treatment but can prevent very serious issues from developing.

These issues may include:

  • Underbites
  • Open bites
  • Disproportionate jaws
  • Damaging thumb sucking or tongue habits
  • Protruding teeth
  • Severe teeth crowding

Phase 1 orthodontic treatment is vital in many instances, as these issues may later need a lot of treatment to be corrected, may not be able to be corrected at all, or may require surgery.

In a nutshell, some moderate or severe issues shouldn’t wait until your child is older for treatment. Happy Kids Dental’s paediatric orthodontists always have your child’s best interests at heart. Delivering the best care at the right time is always front of mind.

Which brings us to the next question:

What age are children treated with phase 1 orthodontics?

We recommend you bring your child in for an assessment around the age of six years old. Phase 1 orthodontic treatments usually take place between the age of six and 12 years old, lasting nine to 18 months, depending on their specific issue.

What are the benefits?

We mentioned that phase 1 orthodontics can help prevent major treatment later for your child. But what other benefits can it offer? Phase 1 treatment may:

  • Minimise phase 2 treatment’s length and scope.
  • Adjust your child’s bite so that there is equal pressure on all teeth, alleviating jaw muscle and joint issues.
  • Improve the width of your child’s dental arch and reduce the need for permanent teeth extraction at a later time.
  • Improve speech impediments.
  • Decrease the risk of trauma to misaligned or protruded teeth.
  • Create space for permanent, adult teeth and help guide them into favourable positions.

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