Calling all toothbrushes!

As part of our #lovetobrush campaign, we’re staging a toothbrush amnesty here at Happy Kids Dental. Bring your child’s old toothbrush into the practice and we’ll replace it with a FREE oral care pack!

Replacing your child’s toothbrush is easy to neglect – how many of us wince at those frayed bristles every morning and evening while they’re brushing, only to completely forget about them minutes later? But using a battered old brush could be increasing your little one’s risk of child tooth decay. Here at Happy Kids Dental, we’re all about making life easier for parents, and our toothbrush amnesty is just one way of doing that.

Step 1: bring in your brushes

Simply visit the practice with your child’s old toothbrush and we’ll take it off your hands, replacing it with a shiny new oral care pack. This includes a new, high-quality toothbrush, floss, an oral care guide, and disclosing tablets (trust us, your kids will LOVE trying these out!).

Step 2: get brushing at home

Use your new products and our oral care guide to put a fresh new focus on brushing at home. If your child is under 7, help them with brushing, and supervise them if they are older. Help them learn how to floss, and have fun with the disclosing tablets, which will make for some interesting selfies!

Step 3: join in with #lovetobrush

Our #lovetobrush campaign challenges families to find the best video or photo-op for a funny brushing social post (but be sensible about safety, please!). Every month, we’ll be dishing out prizes and free oral care for the best #lovetobrush post. It’s all in the name of proving that oral health and fun aren’t mutually exclusive – a starting point for tackling the UK’s ongoing problem of child tooth decay.

Simply follow us on social media to share your #lovetobrush moments and spread the word!

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