Bored of the bribes?

A new way to get your kids to brush their teeth

Do you struggle to get your kids to brush their teeth properly? If so, you’re not alone – but with tooth decay on the rise, and sugar saturating our diets more than ever before, oral health is simply not negotiable when it comes to kids. So, if your family needs to change things up in the dental department, look no further than right here at Happy Kids Dental.

Recently opened in central London, Happy Kids Dental is a paediatric dentist designed just for children. We actually make visiting the dentist an exciting experience – and in doing so, aim to set your children up for a lifetime of excellent oral health.

So how is a paediatric dentist like Happy Kids Dental different from your regular dentist? Well for starters, the focus is on fun. That means your kids will be entertained from the moment they walk through our doors into the theme-park-inspired setting. While parents can relax with complimentary coffee, refreshments and wifi, children can be let loose in our age-appropriate waiting zones, kitted out with toys, consoles and iPads; time it right, and they may catch one of the kids’ entertainers who regularly drop by, adding to the party atmosphere.

But it doesn’t end there. Where Happy Kids Dental is fun, our practice is also backed by serious science. Our 15 bright, airy surgeries are all equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, from the lowest-radiation X-rays to the pain-free computerised anaesthetic known as The Wand. Despite all this evidence-backed kit, Happy Kids Dental never feels cold and clinical – we’ve even placed TVs above the dentist chairs so children can catch their favourite shows during treatment.

And getting them to brush their teeth? That becomes a whole lot easier when you’ve got a trained paediatric team at your disposal. At Happy Kids Dental, we talk to kids on their level, involving them in every aspect of their dental care (so no nasty surprises) and coming up with creative ways to teach the benefits of good oral hygiene. And with the prospect of returning to Happy Kids Dental for another play, your children will naturally develop positive associations with the dentist that will stay with them for life.

Why not contact us today and come in for a tour of our practice? You’ll never think of dentistry the same way again!

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