If you have damaged or missing teeth, your confidence has likely taken a hit, as you may avoid smiling, laughing or even eating like you used to. But missing or damaged teeth are not only an aesthetic issue – they can pose a number of health risks too, exposing teeth and gums to potential infection. If you want your natural smile back, or are desperate to be able to chew without discomfort, our state-of-the-art Marylebone practice offers a host of restorative dental treatments, including crowns, bridges and veneers.



Dental fillings for adults in London

Getting a filling in London is nothing to fear at Happy Kids Dental. We not only use the latest aesthetic filling materials, but with technology such as The Wand computerised anaesthetic, you won’t even have to experience the discomfort of a large dental needle. With the new generation of white fillings, we can not only ensure your smile looks completely natural, but can offer the least minimally invasive form of treatment, too. Because composite white fillings mould to fit your natural tooth, they don’t require as much drilling as traditional amalgam fillings.


Preventing decay, enhancing your smile

If you are bothered by the “shadowed smile” effect caused by lots of amalgam fillings in your mouth, consult the experienced team at Happy Kids Dental. We may be able to replace your old amalgam fillings with new, composite white fillings, retaining your natural teeth and boosting your smile to its natural-looking best.



Adult dental crowns and bridges in London

Whether you’ve had a root canal, an injury, or are suffering with extensive tooth decay, a crown or bridge provides a strengthening solution that also enhances your smile. At Happy Kids Dental, our restoration dentist is extremely skilled at creating bespoke crowns and bridges for adults in London. While a crown is custom-made to cap an existing tooth, a dental bridge hides missing teeth and is secured at each end by crowns placed on adjacent healthy teeth. Both solutions are created using your dental impressions and give you and your dentist full control over the final shape and shade.

Bespoke solutions for adult smiles

Getting a crown or bridge usually requires two appointments at Happy Kids Dental – one to prepare the tooth or teeth that are receiving the crowns, and another to secure the final restoration permanently in place. In between, your dental impressions will taken, and you will be given a temporary crown or bridge while you wait for our dental lab to create your bespoke crown or bridge. With good oral hygiene, an adult crown or bridge has the potential to last for as long as 20 years.



Dental inlays and onlays in London

If your family dentist uncovers dental decay or damage that is too advanced to be treated with a filling, but not bad enough to require a crown, inlays and onlays are excellent cosmetic options that also restore strength and function. The prosthetic fittings, created using your dental impressions, are laid over the top of the tooth – either inside its edges (inlays), or outside (onlays), and involve a relatively minor procedure. The result is natural-looking and hardly noticeable.

Bridging the gap between fillings and crowns

Because inlays and onlays are designed to treat the earlier stages of tooth decay, you don’t have to undergo the preparation treatment required with a crown. However, unlike fillings, inlays and onlays are bespoke restorations, so you will need a dental impression, which is sent to a dental technician who creates a tailormade new “tooth”. Patients receive a temporary filling in between dental appointments. When the inlay or onlay is ready, your dentist will permanently bond it into place.



Porcelain veneers in London

If your front teeth are crooked, misaligned, chipped, gappy or permanently discoloured, porcelain veneers offer the solution to all these problems and more! Made from eggshell-thin layers of porcelain, veneers are the go-to restoration for the perfectly straight white smiles you see on celebrities and film stars. Speak to your family dentist at Happy Kids Dental to find out if veneers are the right solution for you.

Minimally invasive smile repair

The porcelain veneer procedure usually requires two or more sessions with your dentist. Firstly, the tooth is prepped: this involves removing a thin layer of enamel, under a local anaesthetic if required, and taking a dental impression, which will be used to fabricate your veneers – a process that usually takes a couple of weeks. When your veneers are ready, they will be bonded and cured using a special light-sensitive resin. With continued good oral hygiene, you can expect your porcelain veneers to last many years, or even decades.