Gentle solutions for nervous patients

No matter how old you are, dental anxiety is something we take seriously at Happy Kids Dental, so whether you’re four or 40, we’ll provide all the reassurance and support you need to feel comfortable in our care. If you’re already a patient at Happy Kids Dental – or if your children are – you’ll know by now about our commitment to making dental fear a thing of the past. Just as we’ve done for our younger patients, we’ve ensured adult patients have access to a comprehensive range of services that help eliminate dental anxiety, from the therapeutic to the technological. If you’re at all nervous about your dental treatment, we’ll work with you to create a positive experience of your treatment that breaks the vicious cycle of avoiding the dentist and then having to undergo invasive dentistry.



Pain-free dental anaesthetic

Ever wished you could wave a magic wand to get rid of your dental problems? With The Wand, Happy Kids Dental has the next best thing – a high-tech, pain-free method of delivering local anaesthetic, without the need for a large dental needle. The Wand bears more resemblance to a pen than a medical instrument, and its computerised technology enables your dentist to deliver an extremely precise and controlled flow of anaesthesia. Not only does this prevent the adrenaline surge associated with a local anaesthetic, but it also precisely targets the treatment area, so you won’t experience numbing to the whole side of your face.



Fear-free dental care in London

As part of our remit to help eliminate dental anxiety, our practice offers plumbed-in inhalation sedation (laughing gas) and intravenous sedation from a specially equipped sedation suite. Depending on your needs, we may recommend one or both solutions, and can even offer general anaesthetic at a nearby private hospital – so all options are on the table at Happy Kids Dental. While inhalation sedation is ideal for short procedures (its effects wear off quickly, so there is very little downtime involved), intravenous sedation is often recommended for longer treatments. Combining anaesthesia with analgesia and sedative, intravenous sedation makes you feel very contented and sleepy, without losing consciousness. It has an amnesiac effect, too, so you’ll have little or no recollection of your treatment.