Root canal treatment – not a phrase that fills many with delight, but one that we here at Happy Kids Dental really can put a positive spin on. Root canal treatment is best viewed as the final frontier of dental care – the ‘hero’ procedure that rescues teeth from ultimately having to be removed. Involving the extraction of infected tissue from deep inside the tooth, it can require more than one visit with your family dentist. But the wait will be worth it for the long-term benefits – statistics show that more than 90% of root canal-treated teeth survive for a further 8-10 years. Our dental practitioners in Marylebone have a wealth of experience treating root canal patients, with state-of-the-art facilities and pain management techniques.



Root canal treatment in London

Endodontics, or root canal treatment, is now considered as routine as getting a filling – so it’s nothing to fear if your family dentist at Happy Kids Dental recommends it for you. If you’re experiencing toothache, swelling, and sensitivity to hot and cold, it may be that the inner soft tissue of your tooth – or dental pulp – has become infected due a trauma or deep decay. A root canal treatment eliminates the pain instantly, clearing the infection and sealing the inside of your tooth to prevent re-infection. A dental crown is often required after root canal treatment to strengthen and restore tooth function.

Eliminating toothache with gentle endodontics

At Happy Kids Dental, we aim for all our dental treatments to be as minimally invasive as possible, and root canal is no exception. Our team includes a dentist whose practice is focused his exclusively on root canal treatment, providing our patients with an extremely high level of care and experience, and our practice features a state-of-the-art dental microscope that enables exceptional accuracy of diagnosis and treatment. With technology including The Wand and an in-house sedation suite, we can ensure your root canal treatment is a pain-free, positive experience.



Pain-free endodontics in London

When we say ‘root canal’, the first word most people associate with it is ‘pain’. And while nobody would describe getting a root canal as a particularly fun way to spend a Wednesday afternoon, at Happy Kids Dental, we’d like to debunk the myths surrounding root canal treatment!

Changing perceptions about root canal

  • Root canal is NOT painful – in fact, a root canal treatment provides instant relief from the debilitating pain of a tooth infection. Modern technology and anaesthetics have come a long way since the days when the dental drill was wielded without pain relief – indeed, it’s almost a century since that last happened! When you have a root canal at Happy Kids Dental, you will benefit from The Wand pain-free anaesthesia and dental lasers instead of drills.
  • Root canal is NOT just a temporary fix – most root canal treatments successfully save your natural tooth, permanently. This, in turn, saves you a great deal of inconvenience, discomfort and money on future dental treatments. It’s always better to save the natural tooth wherever possible, and our Happy Kids Dental dentists are extremely experienced in carrying out successful root canal treatments.
  • Root canal does NOT cause health problems. Like the myth about pain, this misconception is a hangover from the early 20th century, when a dentist in the US made a now-debunked connection between root canal and autoimmune diseases. Today’s high-tech, hygienic root canal treatments cannot be compared with those of the 1920s, and do not lead to health problems.