4 signs your child needs early orthodontics

If you endured train tracks as a teenager, you may be worried that your children will suffer the same fate. But thanks to early orthodontics, it doesn’t have to be that way for the next generation! Treatment with early orthodontics can minimise the need for braces and is increasingly considered the modern approach. At Happy Kids […]

Shaping smiles for the future

Smile enhancement for children isn’t about interfering with Mother Nature. It’s about finding a gentle route to healthier teeth and gums in the long term. At Happy Kids Dental we take a holistic approach with every patient, and advise parents if our smile enhancement treatments will be beneficial. Here’s a round-up of what we can […]

Should my child have a clear aligner instead of braces?

If you have any friends or family who opted for orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening later in life, rather than as a child, they may have chosen to have a removable clear aligner instead of adult braces. A transparent, moulded plastic orthodontic device, a clear aligner is a popular approach to teeth straightening without the […]

Does your child need early orthodontics?

While a mouth full of healthy straight teeth may be the ultimate goal of every dentist, orthodontic treatments provide more than the aesthetic appeal of a perfect smile. Not only do orthodontics treat crowding, alignment and the spacing of your child’s teeth, but they can also correct and prevent serious development issues that affect the […]