Myths & Facts about orthodontic treatments

Myth: Expansion will prevent my child from having extractions.

Fact: Expansion will reduce the likelihood of your child requiring extractions. If your child presents with severe crowding, over 8mm or midline issues, then extractions maybe the safest and best way to treat your child.

Myth: Extractions will give my child a narrow smile.

Fact: A good orthodontist will always strive to avoid unnecessary extractions. Correctly recommended extractions that are needed will not give your child a narrow smile.

Myth: Extractions will damage my child’s profile.

Fact: The number of orthodontic related extractions has dramatically reduced over the past decade. None the less there are cases where the only option is to extract teeth. The scientific evidence suggested that if extractions are properly prescribed and managed this will have no effect on your child’s profile.

Myth: My child only needs to see an orthodontist once all the adult teeth have come through.

Fact: Your child should see an orthodontist at 8 years to ensure the teeth and bite are developing normally.

Myth: Self-ligating brackets are better, less painful and faster than regular brackets.

Fact: High-quality evidence and research have confirmed that self-ligating brackets are no better than conventional brackets. How quickly your treatment finishes all comes down to the complexity of the problem and your orthodontist.

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