Meet our very own Tooth Fairy!

Our newest recruit needs a name – and that’s where you come in!

Here at Happy Kids Dental we pride ourselves on our ability to recruit the brightest and best dental talent. Our handpicked team includes consultants and paediatric specialists who are leaders in their field. But with our latest recruit, we feel we’ve scored our greatest accomplishment yet…

Meet our very own Tooth Fairy!

The Tooth Fairy will be checking in with patients regularly via our blog, reporting on dental issues that affect your children and offering snippets of gossip from Fairyland. Our very own Tooth Fairy will also be providing Happy Kids Dental patients with special boxes to contain those precious baby teeth when they fall out.

But there’s just one problem. Our Tooth Fairy needs a name!

That’s where you come in. We think our patients are the best people to ask for inspiration – so let us know what name you think our Tooth Fairy should be called.

Simply get in touch with Happy Kids Dental via Facebook or twitter using the hashtag #namethefairy for your chance to name our Tooth Fairy and WIN a special prize – your very own Tooth Fairy box!

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