A tour of our Toothbrushing Academy!

They might not have started big school yet, but that doesn’t mean your little ones can’t attend Toothbrushing Academy at Happy Kids Dental! Designed for children aged 0-3, Toothbrushing Academy is a fun way for children to get the best possible start in keeping their smile healthy and happy for life – all part of our preventive ethos at Happy Kids Dental.

Tooth brush training for kidsFirst stop: The Brushing Station

For young children, becoming a patient at Happy Kids Dental also means joining our Toothbrushing Academy! Their dental visit will start with a trip to our animal Brushing Stations - always a huge hit with children, who love using the oversized tooth brushes on our animal friends before learning how to clean their own teeth with their parent. Photos and videos are encouraged for reference (and a great selfie opportunity), and we’ll also recommend the best evidence-based products for your child to use at home - we have a wide range of options for children of all abilities.

Second stop: The dental surgery

We’ve kitted out our bright, jungle-themed surgeries with TVs on the ceiling above the dental chair, a great way to help children relax while we chat with their parents. We’ll educate parents on starting a great brushing routine at home, and offer lots of advice on how to stick to it. We also take “tooth selfies” with our intraoral cameras - radiation-free devices that are great for helping patients and parents understand what’s going on inside their mouth.

Boy and Girl Brush Teeth

3rd stop: Hygiene & advice

Next, we’ll provide a gentle polish to help children get used to the idea of a visit to the hygienist treatment, which will be recommended when they’re a little older. We’ll also discuss diet and nutrition, ways of preventing tooth decay, and ideas for healthy drinks and snacks. We follow up all appointments with a detailed email, including any “tooth selfies” we’ve taken and personalised oral care advice.

Teach children to brush teethLast stop: Graduation!

On graduation day, our mini-alumni receive a special certificate and have their photo taken in a graduation gown and hat. It’s a great sense of achievement and a way to ensure those early brushing habits have happy associations that will stay with children as they grow up. It also helps kids look forward to their dental appointments, preventing fears and phobias, and gives parents the chance to discuss any concerns they may have, from teething to meal planning.

Want to enrol your child at Toothbrushing Academy? Get in touch today and we’ll put them on the path to a lifetime of happy smiles!

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