Top 3 reasons to choose a paediatric dentist

You’ve been going to your dentist for years, and she’s a friendly professional, so why not just take your child to see her too? It’s a common question, and a very good one. Here are the top 3 ways your child will benefit from having their own paediatric dentist: A fun, child-friendly atmosphere Your grown-up […]

Can a trip to the dentist EVER be relaxing?

Well, yes! We’re parents too here at Happy Kids Dental, so we understand better than anyone how to help if you have a child with dental anxiety and get them on board with visiting the dentist. From our building to our team and our equipment, we’ve worked hard to make visiting us easy and fun […]

Pain-free dentistry: Why The Wand is a winner with kids

Were you afraid of the dentist as a child? If so, what frightened you the most? We’ll bet it wasn’t the strange machinery or the dental nurse, but the anaesthesia injection. Even as adults, needles can be scary, so you can imagine what they look like to your kids! What if we told you a […]

Pulpotomy. Does your child need one?

As parents, we can’t help but worry about every little thing when it comes to our children. When they’re experiencing pain from their teeth, it can sometimes be quite daunting if you don’t know how to help. This is where Happy Kids Dental comes in. Our staff are trained to specifically anticipate the needs and […]