Bored of the bribes?

A new way to get your kids to brush their teeth Do you struggle to get your kids to brush their teeth properly? If so, you’re not alone – but with tooth decay on the rise, and sugar saturating our diets more than ever before, oral health is simply not negotiable when it comes to […]

They’re Sweet Enough Without It!

For the sake of your children’s teeth, here’s how to limit their sugar intake You shop organic at Ocado, you diligently make five-a-day a reality in your household, and your kids snack on dried fruit, cereal bars and vitamin-rich juices. But did you know that choosing ‘healthy’ options for your kids can dramatically increase their […]

What We’re Learning From Generation Z

Our kids have lots to teach us about our approach to their dental care – they just don’t know it! Move over, Millennials, because Generation Z is coming of age – and they’re already influencing how organisations operate, from retail through to education and healthcare. Unlike any other group before them, Generation Z, born around […]

Breaking the habits of a lifetime

As parents we all want to pass our good habits on to our children…. But when it comes to oral health, many of us have missed the memo that things have moved on since our own childhoods. Here we set the record straight about the dentistry dos and don’ts for the kids of today. Myth […]

Help! My child needs a filling!

Some children are simply more prone to tooth decay than others – here’s what you can do about it. The problem of tooth decay in children isn’t always as clear-cut as we’d like to think. Many parents follow the oral health rulebook to the letter, ensuring their child brushes properly twice a day, and limiting […]

Why should we care about baby teeth?

Baby teeth fall out naturally – why should we care about them? If you’ve gone through weeks of looking after a grizzly, dribbly, teething baby, you’ll likely be celebrating when that first tooth finally makes an appearance! But, as a new parent, you’ll know by now that every hurdle you overcome with your baby opens […]

How much do you pay for a tooth?

How much do you pay for a tooth? We’re asking Tooth Fairies across the UK! A recent conversation with our founder, Dr Roksolana Mykhalus, got us thinking about the Tooth Fairy – or Tooth Fairies – and how they each have different methods. Roksolana told us how one of her son’s teeth cost her £2. […]

Help! My child is scared of the dentist!

As a parent, there’s nothing worse than seeing your child distressed – and a difficult dental visit can be as traumatising for you as for your little one. At Happy Kids Dental, we are passionate about making fear of the dentist a thing of the past, and our team is specially trained to help with […]

6 easy foods for healthy teeth & gums

National Smile Month (14 May to 14 June) is fast approaching, and in anticipation of celebrating our patients’ happy, healthy smiles, this week’s blog post puts the focus on foods for healthy teeth and gums – because eating for a healthy smile will positively impact on your child’s overall health, both physically and emotionally. As […]

Fluoride – friend or foe?

How much fluoride do children need? Is fluoride bad for them? In a word, no – fluoride is proven to protect teeth against decay, but the debate about whether it should be added to our water has raged for the best part of a century. While the policy is thrashed out by politicians and public […]