They’re Sweet Enough Without It!

For the sake of your children’s teeth, here’s how to limit their sugar intake You shop organic at Ocado, you diligently make five-a-day a reality in your household, and your kids snack on dried fruit, cereal bars and vitamin-rich juices. But did you know that choosing ‘healthy’ options for your kids can dramatically increase their […]

6 easy foods for healthy teeth & gums

National Smile Month (14 May to 14 June) is fast approaching, and in anticipation of celebrating our patients’ happy, healthy smiles, this week’s blog post puts the focus on foods for healthy teeth and gums – because eating for a healthy smile will positively impact on your child’s overall health, both physically and emotionally. As […]

How to choose good drinks and snacks for your kids

We know that giving your child the right things to eat and drink is an absolute minefield. And while you might not think to go to the dentist for nutrition tips, the paediatric team at Happy Kids Dental is trained to offer tailored diet advice – so let us help you get a handle on […]