What We’re Learning From Generation Z

Our kids have lots to teach us about our approach to their dental care – they just don’t know it! Move over, Millennials, because Generation Z is coming of age – and they’re already influencing how organisations operate, from retail through to education and healthcare. Unlike any other group before them, Generation Z, born around […]

6 easy foods for healthy teeth & gums

National Smile Month (14 May to 14 June) is fast approaching, and in anticipation of celebrating our patients’ happy, healthy smiles, this week’s blog post puts the focus on foods for healthy teeth and gums – because eating for a healthy smile will positively impact on your child’s overall health, both physically and emotionally. As […]

School holidays? Book a family appointment!

School holidays are fast approaching and, although we’re excited for our youngsters to enjoy free time and adventures, this means weeks on end of having to make sure your kids stay occupied and out of trouble. No parent needs dental problems on top of the stress and responsibilities that school holidays can bring. Having to […]