The Truth About Fluoride: Busting the Myths

Sarah Tukmachi, one of our specialist paediatric dentists, explores the real truth about fluoride. Fluoride is commonly found in toothpastes, mouth washes and dental gels. But what exactly is fluoride, why do dentists rave about it, and as a parent, should you have any concerns about fluoride? Our specialist paediatric dentist, Sarah Tukmachi, busts the […]

Introducing #Lovetobrush

#Lovetobrush: let’s get more kids brushing their teeth! We all love that just-brushed feeling, so why don’t we brush more? Several statistics* have really shocked us recently: roughly 40% of kids don’t visit the dentist each year and sugar makes up 15% of the daily calories consumed by four to ten year olds in England. […]

Fluoride – friend or foe?

How much fluoride do children need? Is fluoride bad for them? In a word, no – fluoride is proven to protect teeth against decay, but the debate about whether it should be added to our water has raged for the best part of a century. While the policy is thrashed out by politicians and public […]

Can a trip to the dentist EVER be relaxing?

Well, yes! We’re parents too here at Happy Kids Dental, so we understand better than anyone how to help if you have a child with dental anxiety and get them on board with visiting the dentist. From our building to our team and our equipment, we’ve worked hard to make visiting us easy and fun […]

Get grinning for National Smile Month!

National Smile Month runs from 14 May to 14 June –giving us dentists the perfect opportunity to remind everyone about the benefits of oral hygiene. Here are four ways Happy Kids Dental is working to put a permanent smile on our patients’ faces. We conquer dental fear Nearly everyone has a fear of something or […]

Doctor or dentist – who do I choose in an emergency?

Kids are always getting hurt. It’s a part of growing up and how they learn. One of the more difficult aspects for parents is what to do when there’s a little more than a bump or a bruise that Mum can kiss better. It gets even more difficult when it comes to facial injuries and […]

Fun Facts About Teeth!

Your children’s brains are constantly absorbing information, whether at school, at holiday or at home. As it’s almost time to head back to school, we thought your children may enjoy these fun facts about teeth! Encouraging an interest in oral hygiene can go a long way in promoting a clean, healthy smile for life. Why […]

School holidays? Book a family appointment!

School holidays are fast approaching and, although we’re excited for our youngsters to enjoy free time and adventures, this means weeks on end of having to make sure your kids stay occupied and out of trouble. No parent needs dental problems on top of the stress and responsibilities that school holidays can bring. Having to […]

Pain-free dentistry: Why The Wand is a winner with kids

Were you afraid of the dentist as a child? If so, what frightened you the most? We’ll bet it wasn’t the strange machinery or the dental nurse, but the anaesthesia injection. Even as adults, needles can be scary, so you can imagine what they look like to your kids! What if we told you a […]

Does your child need early orthodontics?

While a mouth full of healthy straight teeth may be the ultimate goal of every dentist, orthodontic treatments provide more than the aesthetic appeal of a perfect smile. Not only do orthodontics treat crowding, alignment and the spacing of your child’s teeth, but they can also correct and prevent serious development issues that affect the […]