Ouch that hurt!

Ouch, that hurt! What to do in a dental emergency No matter how careful we are, how well we watch our kids or how safe we try to keep them, accidents do happen. It’s rare for children to grow up without having had a bump or a scrape along the way – and the same […]

4 signs your child needs early orthodontics

If you endured train tracks as a teenager, you may be worried that your children will suffer the same fate. But thanks to early orthodontics, it doesn’t have to be that way for the next generation! Treatment with early orthodontics can minimise the need for braces and is increasingly considered the modern approach. At Happy Kids […]

Help! My child is scared of the dentist!

As a parent, there’s nothing worse than seeing your child distressed – and a difficult dental visit can be as traumatising for you as for your little one. At Happy Kids Dental, we are passionate about making fear of the dentist a thing of the past, and our team is specially trained to help with […]

Top 3 reasons to choose a paediatric dentist

You’ve been going to your dentist for years, and she’s a friendly professional, so why not just take your child to see her too? It’s a common question, and a very good one. Here are the top 3 ways your child will benefit from having their own paediatric dentist: A fun, child-friendly atmosphere Your grown-up […]

Fluoride – friend or foe?

How much fluoride do children need? Is fluoride bad for them? In a word, no – fluoride is proven to protect teeth against decay, but the debate about whether it should be added to our water has raged for the best part of a century. While the policy is thrashed out by politicians and public […]

Calling all toothbrushes!

As part of our #lovetobrush campaign, we’re staging a toothbrush amnesty here at Happy Kids Dental. Bring your child’s old toothbrush into the practice and we’ll replace it with a FREE oral care pack! Replacing your child’s toothbrush is easy to neglect – how many of us wince at those frayed bristles every morning and […]

Help! My child’s tooth has been knocked out!

If your child has a knocked-out tooth, this is a dental emergency and you will need to get your child seen by a dentist as soon as possible. Seeing your child’s tooth knocked out can be just as traumatising for you as for your child. But while it can be distressing in the moment, if […]

Shaping smiles for the future

Smile enhancement for children isn’t about interfering with Mother Nature. It’s about finding a gentle route to healthier teeth and gums in the long term. At Happy Kids Dental we take a holistic approach with every patient, and advise parents if our smile enhancement treatments will be beneficial. Here’s a round-up of what we can […]

Can a trip to the dentist EVER be relaxing?

Well, yes! We’re parents too here at Happy Kids Dental, so we understand better than anyone how to help if you have a child with dental anxiety and get them on board with visiting the dentist. From our building to our team and our equipment, we’ve worked hard to make visiting us easy and fun […]

Get grinning for National Smile Month!

National Smile Month runs from 14 May to 14 June –giving us dentists the perfect opportunity to remind everyone about the benefits of oral hygiene. Here are four ways Happy Kids Dental is working to put a permanent smile on our patients’ faces. We conquer dental fear Nearly everyone has a fear of something or […]